What is The Hop Shop?

A Coffee Shop for Beer!

Good beer will get you far, but the right environment is everything. That’s why we’ve created a coffee shop for beer in one of Charlotte’s funkiest neighborhoods. Bring your book, your friends, your dog (bring all three) and come hang out. We’re grab and go or stay and play; it’s up to you.

Our Home

We love Plaza Midwood and will do all we can to support our neighborhood and the surrounding communities. We look forward to partnering with local artists, vendors, musicians, and business owners.

Meet the Owner

Patrick's Background and Passion for Craft Beer

I was born in Bitburg, a small town in Germany near Belgium. My father was in the Air Force and when my parents weren’t working, they spent a lot of time drinking Bitburger, the town’s beer, with the locals.

We eventually moved to the States but have made it a point to return often to reconnect with our old friends and, of course, drink a few Bitburgers.

Beer is integral to the local culture and community not just in Bitburg, but throughout Europe. Over the years of traveling I have developed a love for European beer styles like Czech pilsners, Belgian quads, and French biere de gardes.

Fast forward a few years and I found myself living in Atlanta. The beer scene wasn’t as robust as it is now, but we got through it with a lot of Sweetwater and Terrapin. Due to Georgia’s archaic alcohol laws, I had no idea what a bottle shop was until I got to Charlotte in 2011. You mean there’s something besides a liquor store?

What an eye opener! I’ll never forget the first time I walked into Common Market South End (RIP) and found a smoked beer from an obscure town I’d visited years earlier. As I learned more about North Carolina’s craft beer scene, I saw an opportunity to turn my passion for craft beer into something more than a hobby. Hopefully, your experience at The Hop Shop will bring out that same excitement. Cheers!

Patrick Villafane
Owner - Hop Shop


We are that perfect blend of taproom and coffee shop, with 12 carefully selected beers on tap and a huge retail profile. Come put your feet up at The Hop Shop.

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